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  1. 2012.05.02 An amusing music app 'dreamchorus'


An amusing music app which ranked 3rd in the 2nd Startup Weekend Seoul idea contest!
An amazing music creation & engagement app which is seeking to receive the billboard music app award!

Do you enjoy listening to songs?
Or do you more enjoy singing the songs?
Here is an amazing music app which allows you to listen to songs and sing with the singers of your dreams!

Dream Chorus is an app of your dreams that plans to provide you with the joy of listening to music and creating the music as well.

What are the functions available in Dream Chorus?
1. Play : You can listen to songs. You can listen to certain parts by moving or selecting the parts.
2. Record : You can record music. Record with an iPhone mic by selecting the desired parts. Note - When you record with your earphones plugged in, only the recorded sounds are available.
3. Share : You can share songs. You can send the songs via e-mails or iTunes. Function to upload in YouTube is under preparation.

What is the price of Dream Chorus?
1. Free : All songs within the app are free songs. Enjoy as you please and try recording them.
2. Paid : Most songs that require downloading are charged. You only need to follow the instructions for payment.

Gratitude to those who offered sound source to Dream Chorus.
1. Twitter #SNTCHOIR
2. Daum café Five-notes
3. MayTree

Songs of Dream Chorus?
Looking for a song? Please apply to Dream Chorus through the e-mail address below. Popular songs would be well-prepared and updated.

Reports on any inconveniences or complaints during usage are welcome through the e-mail address below. They would be taken care of immediately. Thank you.

Dream Chorus is supported by Korea Productivity Center (KPC), Global App Support Center, and KT Econovation Architect Global Frontier. 

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